The Easy Peasy Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer is finally over, and the nights are about to turn cool. Many of us are happy to see the return of autumn festivals, pumpkin spice everything, and the gorgeous change of leaves. While the weather is still pleasant, this is the time that homeowners need to take a weekend to get their homes ready for the harsher nights of winter. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Start with the outside stuff Drain and stow hoses and sprinkler…

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Home Buying

Taking the Plunge: Your First Step in the Homebuying Process

Buying a house can seem like a daunting experience. It will most likely be the single most expensive purchase that most of us will make. It can also be the most rewarding investment that a person can make. What do you think about when you consider buying your first home? Do you think about how many bedrooms you need? What schools do you want your kids to attend? Are you looking for a house near public transportation? All of these are important things to think…

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