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6 Inexpensive Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall



While it is true that real estate moves fastest in the earlier months of the year, that doesn’t mean that your house will sit dormant on the market at the end of the year. Autumn is an amazing time of the year, a time when homebuyers may spend more time outside in the crisp fall air. After a summer of stifling heat, people are ready for the sights, sounds, and smells of fall! So what do you need to do to keep your house from being just another drab and unremarkable home on the list?

Keep up with the yard work

Summer is over, and most of the yard work is over, right? Not so fast! All those crazy vines that have overgrown your outdoor fixtures are now dying off and turning brown. Leaves are falling and covering your walkways. Summer sun has bleached the mulch in your gardens. Now is the time to take a weekend to blow the leaves out of the corners and give your house a clean look. Trim back overgrown bushes and let your home have a clean and kept look. When so many neighbors may be prepping their yards with fall decorations, this is not the time to be the unkempt house on the block!

Paint the Trim

Scorching summer days make the chore of outdoor work twice as painful. Take time to repaint any cracking, peeling, or faded trim while the temperatures are cool enough to enjoy the work, but not too cold to let the paint set. That fresh coat of paint will give your home a fresh look that may set it apart from the competition.

Cut the Draft

Autumn is a windier time of year. Draftier houses indicate many things to a potential buyer; poor construction, poor upkeep, uncomfortable conditions, and more expensive to heat and cool. Aerosol gap and crack sealer will cost you under $5 and can eliminate those cool waves that gust into your home. Replacing old worn and cracked weather stripping is an easy project for a seller to knock out, and won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

Deep Clean Inside

Spiders have been busy all summer, weaving their webs in every corner and behind appliances. While spider webs are a traditional fall decoration, real spider webs do not add ambiance to your home, they add an “ick” factor. Pull out the fridge, get behind the oven, and remove all those things that give picky homebuyers something to talk about.

Get the Right Lighting

As the days grow shorter, many showings may occur at dusk. Be sure that all lights in your house are working. Poorly lit rooms are a turn off, but according to the experts, “The right light can make any room look bigger, airier and more desirable.” The right kind of light is just as important as having light. Consider where the lighting takes place and use “warm” and “cool” lighting to your advantage.

Service Your Heater

As the temperatures dip, buyers will be increasingly happy to enter a warm house. Do not cover the smell of dirty air filters with scented candles! A professional servicing will of course include swapping out old filters, or you can just swap out the furnace filter on your own. Either way, a filter swap will keep your air handler from blowing a musty smell throughout the house, and reduce energy bills.

People buy houses all year long. Some buy houses in the spring, ahead of school schedules, but there are advantages to selling in the fall as well. Kids are in school, giving parents time to engage in homebuying activities without dragging the kids along. Cooler temperatures and more predictable weather gives buyers a more enjoyable experience, and of course, fall is a time when people start thinking about having a home for the holidays. Take advantage of these feelings, and make your home the home they dream about!

If you’re ready to sell YOUR home, or if you just have some questions, contact me today! I look forward to speaking with you.

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